Martha Stewart "Made in America" Summit

The summit was at the Martha Stewart headquarters, which is just about the coolest office space I have ever seen. Here's who was on the panel: Sonja Rasula who created 3 different businesses unique, camp, and the unique space (I am in complete awe of Sonja and feel lucky to call her a friend), Ellen from Hedley and Bennet and Sawyer from Smith and Cheng.  It was so fun to be asked questions about how I scaled my biz and what advice I would give to any one just starting.  Its only when I do things like this panel that I realize how far my small little biz has come. Its been about 3 years since I started selling my textiles and I remember SO well how I used to do every singe thing - printing, washing, drying, folding, packaging, invoicing, shipping, website updates, photography and so much more!  I am so grateful and lucky to still be in the game but there is just absolutely no way I could do without my team. I am literally nothing without their help and support. Super fun looking back but always gotta keep looking forward!

Basil Gloo